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Leadership and Personal Excellence Programme, Lucy Young, Head of Fundraising and PR, Leeds Mencap

Blake Solly, Director of Licensing and Standards, Rugby Football League RFL

Powerful Business Presentations, Wayne Lugton, Associate Director of Finance, Sheffield PCT Provider Services

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“Thank you for a brilliant course. It was certainly one of the best I've been on in both the respect of learning something and having a great time too! I know I will be much more inclined towards presenting than I ever envisaged previously.” 
Paula Rawding, General Manager, Woodlands MS Centre.
“If you want to grow, develop and learn in a fun, challenging and supportive way you must do this programme, its life changing!!’’ 
Tracey Barraclough, Owner, Fabulously Dysfunctional.
“The most inspirational training course I have attended in my 22 years of working! Thoroughly relevant and transferable into most roles- Thank you!” 
Edith Batten, Sovereign Healthcare.
“Based on my experience, if you are a business manager this course will open up a different you and allow you to make positive changes to help you achieve your potential”. 
Abigail Musa, Managing Director, 1st Resource,
“A very stretching programme taking you to a level of appreciation of ones skills to take into account all aspects of your professional and personal life”. 
Laura Bateman, Deputy Director Finance, Sheffield Primary Care Trust
“The video feedback was really powerful in demonstrating the improvement and progress. This programme is one of the best I have ever been on- fantastic!’’ 
Dawn Gibson, Deputy Director Finance, Barnsley NHS
“Absolutely inspiring! I would recommend it to anyone looking to better themselves”. 
Paul Franks, Chairman, HCK Group.
“Absolutely brilliant-challenging and supportive. Increased my confidence and style immensely”. 
Jonathan Webb, Deputy Director Finance, Calderdale and Huddersfield FT
“A great investment of my time and my employers money’’ 
Andrew Pepper, Deputy Director Finance, Mid York’s Hospitals NHS Trust.
“The programme does what it says on the can and then some. The knowledge and skills I have gained will stay with me throughout my career”. 
Cherrine Hawkins, Deputy Director of Finance, South West York’s NHS FT.
“Fantastic programme- would not have believed the difference it could make unless I had done it myself”. 
Caroline Wood, Assistant Director of Finance, Yorkshire Ambulance Service.
''If you want to learn how to enjoy presentations rather than fear them, this programme will definately provide the tools, coaching and opportunity''. 
Adrienne Irving, Managing Director, Capitalising on Talent
''I never thought I would enjoy as much as I did a course that was designed to take me this far out of my comfort zone'' 
Jason Eyre, Creative Manager, Fourninety
''Radical exercises=radical results. If you wish to transform your presentations style, tick here!''. 
Yvonne Howitt, Finance Manager, Sheffield PCT
''Its hard work but lots of fun. You get to learn about your 'true' self.
It's a chance to let yourself go and be the real you!''. 
Lian Stevenson, Acccount Manager, Fourninety
'' The best 48 hours of training I've ever invested in''. 
Richard Dodson, Deputy Director Finance ERY Primary Care Trust
''Wow, what a great couple of days. The course has really helped me step outside my comfort zone when presenting through multiple opportunities of presenting and being given comprehensive coaching, feedback and support. Thank you. I'd highly recommend to business owners who want to make an impact.'' 
Laura Wilson, Owner, i brand boost.
''The best tarining I have ever been on. I'm not normally a fan of training courses but this was in a class of its own. I've never seen such personalised attention and development being combined with a real group dynamic and atmosphere.'' 
Anna Clossick, Senior Finance Manager, Sheffield NHS PCT
''A complete transformation- thank you very much. This course with Michael and Sarah is a must!''. 
Tim Moor, Managing Director, G+T Design
'Simply Fantastic. The transformation we all experienced as a group was incredible. I now have a toolset and the confidence and ability to use it effectively!' 
Barry Browne, Technical Development Officer, Green Tech
'This is an exceptional programme. Be prepared to be transformed and discover the ability in you to present without fear' 
Mo Nasser, Senior Manager, Ernst Young
'Life transforming. Brings out your passion enthusiasm and energy. Breaks down barriers that lets me be engaging.' 
Oliver Lewis, Head of Finance and Contracting, Doncaster NHS PCT
‘The Powerful Business Presentations Programme really stretches you as an individual. I have come away with a greater understanding of the real me and am now on course to achieve my life long goals. Thanks you.’ 
Richard Abrahams, Managing Director, Elmhurst Windows.
'The PDG team build confidence and conviction in your presentation skills. They raised my bar 100%' 
John Howells, Regional Director, Road Haulage Association
'If you want to present powerfully with great passion and enthusiasm then this programme is definately for you.
Your comfort zone will be blown out of the water but it is worth it for the dramatic and worthwhile change it produces'. 
Rebecca Leppard, Talent Development Manager, NHD Blood Transfusion Service
'This has to be the best training I have had. Totally relevant to my job and will help me in all walks of life. Pity I didn't get this 20 years ago but...better late than never. Thank you'. 
Phil Flanders, Regional Director, Road Haulage Association
'i discovered a new voice as a result of this programme that will enable meto sell myself and my ideas more effectively'. 
Richard Ellithorne, Operations Director, Road Haulage Association
'If you are thinking of participating in the programme just do it. You will not regret it'. 
Linda Enderby, Funding Manager, Bradford & Airedale Cancer Support
'The best programme I've ever been on, in recent years if not ever! I have learnt so much in such a short period of time, I'm actually looking forward to putting these new found skills into practice'. 
Tom Watson, Audit Manager, North Yorkshire Audit Services
'Easily the best training programme I have ever attended! I know this will have tremendous payback both personally and professionally'. 
Benita Jones, Audit Manager, East Coast Audit Consortium

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