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Why Emotion Will Usually Outweigh Logic in Your Audience's Brains

10 February 2013

Many people like to think that business is all about logic, and that customers behave having rationally analysed all available data, considered the various pros and cons of different courses of action and come to a logical conclusion.

Although it's very difficult for very logical people to understand (e.g. accountants, engineers, IT professionals), this could not be further from the truth, as the quote above from Buck Rogers of IBM demonstrates (and he was talking about mainframe computers!).

The reality is that a high percentage of the time people make decisions based purely on emotion. They may well rationalise that decision afterwards by using logic, but the decision itself is made on emotion. Logic plays only a secondary role.

We don't realise this is happening, because rarely think about how our emotions. We just feel them.

Here’s a great article about the subject that explains how our brains are wired and why emotions are so powerful in the decision making process.

It builds on the concepts we cover in the Powerful Presentations Programme.

Click here to read the article

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How to become a leader of character instead of being a character

5 February 2013

I remember reading somewhere that strongly suggested that your character is more important than your talent.

Interesting point, and theres definately something in it!

You see it all the time. People with talent often make it into the limelight, but without a strong character, they rarely stay there very long. Their absence of a strong character eventually topples them.

Leadership expert John Maxwell noted:

  • Talented people are sometimes tempted to take shortcuts. Character prevents that.
  • Talented people may feel superior and expect special privileges. Character helps them know better.
  • Talented people are praised for what others see them build. Character builds what's inside them.
  • Talented people have the potential to be difference makers. Character makes the difference in them.
  • Talented people are a gift to the world. Character protects that gift."

That being the case, you need to know the answer to two questions.

1. What is character? and 2. How do you build a strong character?

Click here to find out the answers to these questions and 11 things that identify outstanding leaders of character

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How to Manage Succesful Change

28 January 2013

How do you manage successful change within a demanding business environment?

That was the subject we were delighted to be invited to speak about at the recent HFMA Healthcare Financial Management Association Annual Conference 'The new Improved NHS'

Based on some of the cutting edge ideas from our NHS Leading Change In Challenging Times programme we delivered two key presentations designed to help NHS managers cope with the demands of an ever changing business world.

Sarah Shafi shared her insights on 'Understanding The Psychology of Change' and Michael Barker took participants through 'The 8 Essential Steps to Managing Successful Change.'

You can get an insight into these positively received workshops and download the PowerPoint slides by clicking on the links above:

Read the great participant feedback here:

For more details on the workshops or to discuss a similar event for your business please call 0113 2288808 or email

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How to Get and Keep Respect – 4 Essential Practices

10 December 2012

One thing many people want in life is respect. We want to feel valued, listened to, and called upon to do ordinary and extraordinary things. It is about self-worth, and it is about using our talents.

Respect is such a simple thing in concept. In practice, since other people are involved, respect gets more complicated. Self-interests are mixed in, so emotions and actions impact us in unexpected or adverse ways.

Click here to read more about 4 essential leadership practices that earn respect

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The 5 essential functions of an outstanding boss

21 September 2012

Great bosses become great based on their actions. Intentions are meaningless. Words are important. Results are everything.

But probably not the kinds of results you might have in mind.

Consistently accomplish these five functions and you, your company -- and most importantly your employees -- all reap the benefits. Fail at these five functions and no matter how hard you work, you and your business will eventually fall short.

Click here to see the 5 essential functions of outstanding  bosses.

How do you compare?

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10 Reasons Winners Keep Winning Aside from Skill

11 August 2012

What is it that separates winners from the also ran’s? It’s something that’s intrigued me for many years.

Is it skill?, is it luck?, Is it attitude? or a combination of all three?

Heres a great article in the Harvard Business  that provides a great insight into this very question.

Whether the game involves competing every four years in the Olympics or every day in a business, winning brings advantages that make it easier to keep winning.

To understand sustainable success, the author compared perpetual winners with long-term losers in professional and amateur sports and then matched the findings to business case studies for his book Confidence. The sports were a comprehensive mix including women's soccer, men's and women's college basketball, major league baseball, U.S. football, international cricket, and North American ice hockey.

He found that winners gain ten important advantages as a result of victory — and that smart leaders can cultivate and build on these advantages to make the next success possible.

Read the article here

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Got an idea worth £Millions and want to get investment?

20 June 2012

Got a great idea for a product or service?

How do you take it to the next level and get investment from all types of sectors?

Even better, how do you pitch and sell that product to some world's largest retail stores?

Our next Sharing Business Excellence Event will show you how.

We are delighted that Serial Award Winning Entrepreneur and Inventor, Tim Moor, Managing Director G+T Design will be our guest speaker.

Tim is an amazing individual having attracted over £4million of investment for his products.

You may recognise his innovative and award winning products in Asda, Boots, John Lewis and Mothercare.

Tim's workshop will share with you how you can;

  • Take an idea and develop it into a viable product.
  • The best way to get investment for your ideas.
  • Pitch and sell to some of the world's largest stores.
  • Get your ideas in front of key investors.

It's a couple of hours that could transform your business!

Join us at our next Sharing Business Excellence Event, How to take your product to market and attract big investment on Friday July 13th and you will find out how it's done. You really shouldn't miss it!

This New and Innovative Business Networking Event brought to you by Performance Development Group and the Centre of Excellence Bradford is designed to share with you practical ideas and proven strategies that have helped some of the UK's most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their personal and business success.

Please join us for what promises to be both inspirational and packed with practical ideas you can apply to your business tomorrow!

It’s also a great opportunity to network with some of the regions senior business leaders.

Click here for more details

Venue: The Centre Of Excellence Bradford. (top of the M606)

July 13th 2012, 8.30am-10.30am

Cost £25 inc vat. Breakfast is provided.

Special offer, pay for one place and bring a guest for FREE

Secure you place by emailing or call Ella Smith on 01274 900375

Places are limited reserve yours quickly.

Please forward this invitation to anyone you feel would like to know about this special event.

We hope you will be able to join us

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How to create great meetings

8 June 2012

Do you spend a lot iof time in meetings?

Are they productive or a waste of time?

Research conducted by the Annenberg School of Communications at UCLA and the University of Minnesota’s Training & Development Research Center show that executives on average spend 40-50% of their working hours in meetings.

The studies also point out that as much as 50% of meeting time is unproductive and that up to 25% is spent discussing irrelevant issues.

They also suggest 9 out of 10 people daydream in meetings.

That being the case we should make sure we get the best out the meetings we attend.

Click here for some great ideas about how you can create great meetings

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The top 6 sins of ineffective leaders

25 May 2012

In the last 23 years of teaching leadership, I've seen an awful lot of fads come and go. I've also seen a flood of leadership efforts that produced far less than the leaders hoped or expected. They wasted great amounts of time, money, and energy on activities that produced little more than frustration.

However, in those 23 years, I've also learned there are several leadership activities that almost NEVER work. If you're leading a company, a team, a committee, a department, a region, a volunteer group, or even your family, you would be well advised to AVOID the following.

Click here to find out the top six sins of innefective leaders

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ACCA members learn how to get the best out of LinkedIn

23 May 2012

We were delighted to be invired to speak at the ACCA's Member Engagement Conference in Birmingham over the weekend.

Our workshop on 'How to get the best out of LinkedIn really hit the mark with some great feedback. Click here to read their great comments.

Sharing some of our own apprach to using LinkedIn it demonstrated how to make LinkedIn a business development tool as well as a brilliant way of adding value to you client base and potential customers.

Based on i'ts sucess we are planning to introduce it a part of our product mix with practical workshops scheduled for the summer. Watch this space for more details.

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