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How to Hold Tough Conversations Respectfully


It’s not easy finding the perfect balance as a manager. You want to be the “nice guy”, the great boss that cares about their teams happiness, health, work-life balance, etc.


But you also need to make sure that the team is functioning at 100 percent, and often this requires giving negative and constructive feedback as well as effective recognition


Why is it hard for many of us to give negative feedback? It’s hard because human to human, despite our titles and roles, it’s not easy to point out someone’s shortcomings so openly and get them to recognise the impact of their behaviour or performance shortfalls.


The programme is designed to provide hands on methods and real world examples that will help you to hold those tough conversations with much greater confidence and get people to change without creating offence or resentment




  • How to deliver constructive criticism that gets a positive reaction.

  • Options for managing a non-team player.

  • How to tackle under-performance in a constructive manner.

  • How to manage and diffuse conflict between team members.

  • What to do when team members become defensive about their work performance.

  • How to develop people who lack confidence.

  • 9 Ways to tackle negative or resentful attitudes.

  • How to engage with and motivate different personality styles found in any team.

  • How the best leaders bring out the potential in their teams and play to their strengths.

  • Understanding the right time to adopt a coaching, mentoring or directive leadership approach.

  • What to do when the person lacks insight into their attitude or behaviour challenges and doesn’t see the need to change.

Programme Duration:    One day, 9.00am-4.30pm

Who should attend?
Anyone who has responsibility for leading and managing others, including Senior Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, as well as recently promoted team leaders and those who have to bring out the best in others through personal feedback, one-on-ones and other tough conversations as part of their role.
If you want to improve productivity, engage and bring out the best in others, this programme contains tools and techniques essential to your leadership success.




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