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Introduction to Project Management

Project management is the skills of moving from ideas to results using both individual and collective initiative.

This customizable programme outlines a range of practical understandings and skills that will make projects successful.

It takes a step by step approach and provides solutions to project management issues that are found in most commonly as you plan and implements projects.

The tools tips and techniques contained are intended to help participants achieve consistent success using the right amount of resources.


Programme outline;


1. Project Fundamentals

  • What is a project? - The 3 main components that define a project; scope, schedule    and resources.
  • Clarifying what you want to achieve, defining a project SCOPE
  • Defining the team; building an effective project team with clearly defined roles and     responsibilities
  • The project sequence; from vision to evaluation and all the steps in between
  • Becoming a project manager; understanding your role and responsibilities
  • Documenting progress; developing an effective way of keeping things on track.


2. Setting up a project

  • Initiating the project; creating the vision, why, and how.
  • Building the project team; involving and selecting the right people
  • Stakeholder analysis; how to determine whose interests should be taken into account when developing and/or implementing a policy or program.
  • Developing the business case; how to explore multiple alternatives before making a recommendation to support a particular option
  • Managing risk; identifying and managing risk and risk factors
  • Planning the project; developing a work plan, determine the what, when who and how


3. Managing work in progress

  • Making time for the project
  • Delegating effectively and establishing accountability
  • Keeping the momentum going; the typical stages a project goes through from start   to finish
  • Communicating successfully; how to keep everyone involved
  • Reviewing progress; developing an effective control system to keep things on track
  • Managing project information; effective progress reports and project meetings
  • Monitoring costs; developing an effective control system
  • Managing changes to the project SCOPE; what to do when changes are requested


4. Making the plan real

  • Implementing the project; launching your project with confidence
  • Preparing for handover and bringing your project to closure
  • Evaluating success; post project evaluation
  • Reviewing the process and following up


The programme contains a comprehensive reference manual including a number of planning process templates that can be used as guidelines for future projects that the participants are involved in.


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