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Leadership And Personal Excellence Programme

Today's tough business environment demands that we get the best out of ourselves and those around us. This requires certain personal qualities to be effective. We need to be confident, decisive, strong communicators, good with people, able to sell change and coach others to higher levels of productivity. The Leadership and Personal Excellence Programme is designed to challenge you to move beyond your existing comfort zone and achieve new levels of performance.

What you will get:

  • Greater confidence, poise and self-belief.
  • Increased ability to influence, persuade, empower and engage with others.
  • The skills and knowledge to coach your team to higher levels of productivity.
  • To develop your inter-personal skills to deal effectively with a diversity of people.
  • Enhanced leadership qualities.
  • Greater ability to stay focused and productive under pressure and stress.
  • To know how to recognise under performance and how to raise performance levels in a constructive manner.
  • To know what it takes to be an inspiration to others.
  • Stronger communication skills.
  • Greater ability to present your ideas with confidence in front of your peers.
  • Objective feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • An understanding of how your attitude can significantly impact on your success in business and life.
  • A greater enthusiasm for achieving your goals.
  • The assurance that this programme has achieved outstanding results for hundreds of delegates already.
  • Coaching from a trainer team with over 25 years of experience in the leadership and personal development arena.
  • Continued support and coaching after the programme ends to build on your achievements.
  • An opportunity to benchmark yourself and your organisation with other successful businesses who will be participating with you.

What you will learn:

  • The essential people skills that build solid business and personal relationships.
  • How to put energy and enthusiasm into your life and work.
  • The power of recognition.
  • How to maintain focus, productivity and a positive attitude under pressure.
  • How to coach for improved performance
  • Developing Flexibility and expanding Our Comfort Zones
  • How to communicate with power and conviction. Sell the idea of change.
  • How to develop a high performance team environment through employee engagement

Who will benefit from attending?

The Leadership and Personal Development Programme is particularly useful for anyone in a key leadership position, anyone who has to coach and influence the performance of others, people who you recognise have talent and want to fast track into more senior roles and in essence anyone who has a genuine desire to be the best they can be.

Logistics and format

The Leadership and Personal Development Programme is delivered over a seven week period, one morning per week.

Fundamental to our approach is hands on application-based training. Our programmes feature business application projects between sessions, strong coaching in the training room and accountability. We ensure that accountability is fixed at a number of levels;

  • Participants - to apply the concepts directly in their place of work.
  • Training Material - Participants will test the relevancy and context of the programme content where it matters; live in their specific job situations.
  • Trainer/Coach - Our trainers will be available throughout the project, between meetings and significantly on completion of the training to ensure the original development objectives have been fully met.

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''This was a brilliant course, providing me with many strategies and tips on improving my leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. As a result I am more confident and enthusiastic, better able to cope with the challenges that my work offers and relate to fellow staff’'. 
Blake Solly, Director of Licensing and Standards, Rugby Football League RFL

'This course has been a real eye opener for me! The trainers and colleagues have supported me to leap outside my comfort zone and really develop my potential. I have learned a huge amount about myself and I now have the skills to become a confident and effective person and leader.' 
Leadership and Personal Excellence Programme, Lucy Young, Head of Fundraising and PR, Leeds Mencap

“Do you have a little voice in your head saying “if only I could do that” if yes then this is the programme for you, but be prepared to stretch your comfort zone way further than you ever thought possible.”. 
Simon Lundy, Key Account Manager, 490 Ltd
'This has been the best course I have attended due to the quality of the trainers and how they include everyone in the programme to be accountable for their own actions. It has been fun and has really made me think about my own actions as a leader' 
Cheryl Graham, General Manager North, Royal Armouries Museum
“This course has been a real wake-up call for me in realising the impact my behaviours and style of communication has on others’’. 
Leadership and Personal Excellence Programme, Karen Clough, Marketing Manager, YFM Business Development.


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