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Leading Change in Challenging Times for the NHS



The agenda for change within the NHS is at the forefront of today’s political and public agenda. Maintaining morale and engagement of its staff whilst facilitating this tremendous pace of change was high on the agenda when PDG were invited to partner with the NHS to facilitate the changes needed with greater success.

After successfully working within the NHS arena delivering training programmes to great success PDG we asked to design a programme that would enable the leaders and managers within the NHS Finance Management teams from across the Yorkshire and Humber Regions to lead this change process and equip them for the challenges ahead. We developed a programme with the primary objective to facilitate a positive and uniform strategy to gain buy in, co-operation and motivation of staff members at all levels to help manage the process of change during these challenging and turbulent times.

A major outcome for the Leading Change In Challenging Times programme was to empower not just the programme participants but those within the organisation as a whole, as the programme was designed to provide each participant with a variety of strategic tools, tips and tactics to enable them to positively influence the behaviours, attitudes and performance of colleagues throughout their operational team.

The Solution

After working closely with key NHS management stakeholders we arrived at a programme focused on delivering measurable change. The core objectives that the programme delivered upon were;

  • Leading and managing change with innovative thinking.  Understanding change as an essential part of today’s business reality. How to encourage ownership of change and tap into the creative talents and ideas of our teams.
  • Engaging with your team.  How to make sure your team is committed, inspired and motivated. Understand the simple things you can do as a leadership team that empowers and enthuses your most crucial investment, your staff.
  • Creating an empowered and high productive team environment. Recognise the ingredients required to build a highly motivated team environment. Create a greater focus on people and what positively motivates your team.
  • Deal with negativity. Lead people through challenging times. Gain co-operation from negative people. Learn how to build a climate of trust and how to disagree agreeably.
  • Coaching for improved results. Understand the role of positive coaching. Encourage higher levels of productivity and performance. Deliver feedback that is timely, specific encouraging and motivational.
  • Enhance my Leadership qualities. Developing a leadership style that supports your organisation’s vision, culture and values. Know how to create an environment where willing co-operation and going the extra mile are part of your team culture.
  • Built and maintain motivation. Recognise the qualities of inspirational leadership. Build a motivational environment that encourages commitment and a high productive team environment.
  • Manage Time, Pressure and Stress.  Stay focussed and productive under pressure. Learn how to handle multiple demands on your time.

What did the participants say about the results?

Felt it’s given an insight into how I can uncover skills I have and can develop relatively easily to engender a positive approach to work and dealing with change.

Insightful, powerful! Stop thinking about it and go and learn something!

I came away from this inspired that I can make a difference to help, motivate and ensure staff are appreciated in the challenging times ahead.

The tips and tools here are the harbour to return to when the sea get rough, before setting ‘sail’ into the storm once more.

This programme was really timely for me and I appreciate the opportunity to learn and reinforce some essential skills for helping me get the best out of my excellent team.

‘Learned much about my approach to change in the past and how it influences my attitude in how I will adopt and adapt that in the future. I need to value and recognise others that I work with’.

‘We all know it but sharing it and putting it into context has really shown up what counts and what will get the best out of the team. It’s re-energised me to deal with negativity in people’.

‘Given a real insight into what leadership is about. I will go back and know there are issues I can now deal with effectively’.

‘I now have the techniques to deal with difficult people and know how I can manage their relationships better. I’ll be giving more appreciation to my team’.

‘We’ve all got different characteristics but now have a better understanding how to deal with them more effectively’.

‘I have learned a lot about myself and techniques that I can use in my normal working day’.

‘I will re-focus on people and not just the task. People have been forgotten’.

A thought provoking two days that has allowed me to reflect on my own behaviours and attitudes and that of the people I work with.

Every team member should do this programme.

This course has been helpful. I didn’t learn many new facts, but it has certainly made me stop and think. I know what I should be doing.

A rewarding and positive way to spend two days.

The course helped me identify the areas I can influence and change to improve the motivation and atmosphere in the team.

If ever you need a reminder of the power of positive thinking, then this is the programme for you – Sarah and Michael are excellent facilitators and their enthusiasm is contagious!

Clichéd as it sounds, I am really excited about putting in place my new found positivity – Even over the weekend when I was feeling a bit glum about coming back to work after bank holiday, I found myself trying to turn around the negative thoughts and think about all that I can achieve! Not only do I feel better about myself, but I believe this is reflected in my work and how I am already being perceived

A fantastic course with the right balance of instruction and participation. Learnt a lot about myself and the effect that a positive attitude can have.

Helped me to understand how I can affect my team and be positive.

Give you the toolbox for your managerial life.

A very positive experience. A programme delivered by two very knowledgeable and approachable people.

Positive, fun, change your attitude!

Enlightening insight into myself and attitude to others.

What I asked for out of the programme which was techniques on improving team performance. It’s exactly what I got.

It made me reflect and think about change in a more positive way.

A very worthwhile 2 days spent re-focusing on what is important and how to achieve it.

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