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Management Development Programme

Staying out in front today takes more than just being a good manager. It requires the skills of a real leader.

The Management Development Programme explores the fundamentals of inspirational leadership, strategies for decision-making, the tools and techniques for communicating persuasively, how to build an innovative team culture, set performance expectations, empower and enable your team, build more commitment and trust in the workplace.

This cutting edge programme will show you how to use the essential management process required to achieve focussed results whilst balancing that with the leadership qualities that create an empowered and engaged workplace.

What you will get:

  • The ability to build a motivational environment that encourages commitment and high performance teamwork.
  • An understanding of the processes that drive creativity and innovation within your business and your team.
  • Greater ability to lead change within your team and your business.
  • Tools that help keep your team accountable for their own results.
  • An understanding of how to encourage greater communication at a business, team and individual level.
  • A clear set of performance standards and expectations for yourself and your team.
  • An updated business plan for your area of responsibility
  • Creative and innovative ideas from within your team with plans for implementation that tangibly returns 3 times your investment in this programme.
  • A leadership style that is driven by and aligned to your core values.
  • Greater individual productivity that creates at least an extra 5 hour per week for your individual priorities.
  • Greater confidence in your decision making ability.
  • Less reluctance to delegate through a system that establishes accountability and keeps you in effective control of the results.
  • An understanding of what it takes to build a positive motivational work environment that encourages commitment and high performance teamwork.
  • Greater ability in coaching higher levels of productivity.
  • A more effective and motivational performance review process that take less time to prepare for and is more inspiring to deliver and receive.

 What you will learn:

  • How to recognise your personal Leadership Style
  • Understanding and driving the Innovation Process
  • How to structuring our jobs for effective results, the Performance Process
  • Time Management, Delegation and Profitable Action
  • How to communicate effectively with different personality styles
  • The Business Planning Process
  • Problem Analysis and Decision Making Made Easy
  • Developing a Motivational Work Environment
  • Maintaining focus, productivity and a positive attitude under pressure
  • Building People Through Coaching, Empowerment and Positive Influence
  • How to deliver effective Performance Reviews and Appraisals  

Who will benefit from attending?

The Management Development Programme is designed for and senior managers management teams and team leaders within organisations who are looking to maximise their leadership abilities, management process skills and coach their teams to higher levels of performance.

Logistics and format

The Management Development Programme is delivered over a seven week period, one morning per week.
Fundamental to our approach is hands on application-based training. The programme features business application projects between sessions, strong coaching in the training room and accountability. We ensure that accountability is fixed at a number of levels;

  • Participants - to apply the concepts directly in their place of work.
  • Training Material - Participants will test the relevancy and context of the programme content where it matters; live in their specific job situations.
  • Trainer/Coach - Our trainers will be available throughout the project, between meetings and significantly on completion of the training to ensure the original development objectives have been fully met.

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“I will most definitely miss our Friday sessions. It has not only been incredibly worthwhile from a business point of view but also personally....and it's been FUN! ’’. 
Victoria Scoot, HR Manager, Opus Entertainments Ltd.
“Excellent programme, sometimes very eye opening with great management and leadership tools taught. The best course of its type I have been on”. 
James Savage, Practice Manager, Watson Batty Architects Ltd
"The skills developed will be invaluable. The future time you will learn to reclaim in your working day will be far greater than the time committed to attend the course." 
Chris King, Operations Manager, Great Lengths Hair Ltd
"An excellent programme, well researched, prepared and presented. A valuable exercise I would recommend. Anyone with management responsibilites would benefit from attending." 
Mark Bassett, Corporate Sales Manager, The Private Health Partnership


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