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Managing for Future Success



490 is one of the UK’s leading retail marketing agency.  With a primary expertise in catalogues, photography and packaging, 490 has been providing solutions for companies such as Avon, Argos, Homebase and Unilever to name a few. 

With increasing competition in consumer retail, 490 continue to stay on top in providing timely and efficient solutions that exceed the needs of their clients.  

The Solution

With ever changing consumer driven demands and expectations, it is important that 490 ensure their people stay cutting edge in both creativity and the leadership they provide for their clients.  Since 2009, Fourninety Limited and PDG have worked in partnership to further enhance the skills and abilities of their people through three open programmes facilitated by PDG. 

To ensure maximum effectiveness, unity and cohesion to new processes and continued leadership at all levels within the organisation, 490 aimed its first stream of development with the key people responsible in leading change and future success, the MD and the Senior Directors.  PDG worked with the senior team on the open Management Development Programme which provided an opportunity for the team to work and learn with Senior Managers in other organisations and industry. 

Following the senior team, 490 began to roll out PDG both open programmes in management and leadership development across departments to the next levels of leaders underpinning the senior team.  Continuing the development further through the organisation has created the catalyst for consistency and accountability in the ways everyone leads and manages internally at 490 and to their clients in terms of solutions and client expectations. 

For the foreseeable future Fourninety and PDG are continuing the development throughout their organisation, stay tuned…..


What did the participants say about the results so far?

A ten out of ten course. The best two days and the most worthwhile I’ve ever spent.

The Leadership course, combined with the Management Development Programme, has been the single most influential programme of self improvement I have ever had the good fortune to attend.

Do you have a little voice in your head saying “if only I could do that” if yes then this is the programme for you, but be prepared to stretch your comfort zone way further than you ever thought possible.

One of the best courses I've attended with the most profound results.

Its hard work but lots of fun. You get to learn about your 'true' self.
It's a chance to let yourself go and be the real you

As someone who is new to management, this course was the perfect preparation to my future role. I couldn't recommend it enough

I was slightly apprehensive about this course making us all the same, but I have been very impressed by Lena's ability to tailor the course to suit our group and each of us individually.

Prepare to be challenged and re-built as a superior employee.'

A ten out of ten course. The best two days and the most worthwhile I’ve ever spent.

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