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Sehior Leadership Team Development programme



''I couldn’t have asked for a more perceptive training partner who were able to articulate the underlying problems and provide solutions''. Lynn Rattigan, Executive Officer.

What were your key reasons for undertaking this development programme?

In terms of skills, we wanted to enhance time management capabilities and do it as a group to raise individual’s awareness of the time pressures their colleagues faced.

Two distinct management cultures prevail which can be very simply described as collections v commercial ops  and this manifests itself through different pace of work, lack of cooperation and departmental rather then Armouries’ agendas.


How well did PDG deliver against those reasons?

Technical time management capabilities have increased.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many of the group have a far better understanding of the colleagues’ motivations, priorities and pressures and our taking these into consideration.


How would you describe the impact we have had on the Senior Leadership Team and how the Royal Armouries will operate going forward?

Firstly, they recognise they are a team now, which is a huge step forward.

Armouries is very limited in the way in which it can recognise and reward staff and people have commented that the investment in the course has made them feel more valued.

The most heartening impact for me is hearing day to day conversations (sometimes business and sometime personal) between managers who otherwise would have worked in isolation from each other. This might seem a very simple outcome but is an important one for us.

Because RA is in a period of transition with a new but as yet unknown strategy I don’t think we have the structure or processes in place to comment on how we can embed the learning. This is obviously disappointing, but we are where we are!


What made you choose PDG to work with you on this project?

Previous successes with team development work. Terribly impressed that you actually turned down some work because you felt the team wasn’t ready for it. This signalled that you were very committed to making a difference and adding value rather than just turning up and delivering a pre-planned module. Knowing the audience, who can be extremely challenging, and knowing how deep seated the cultural divide was, I felt this level of commitment to change was vital.

On a technical level, the approach and process is thorough and one more likely to deliver success.


Did we deliver against the reasons you chose us?  (Why?)

Hell yes, and then some!

I couldn’t have asked for a more perceptive team who were able to articulate the underlying problems and provide solutions.


What did you like about our approach?

Patience, with some of our more precious colleagues!

Honest feedback, rather than telling the client what they wanted to hear.

Modifying the course content to meet the needs of the group, rather than taking the easy option


What aspects in our approach/style did you see that set us apart from previous training partners?

The thoroughness of the process

The ability to adapt

Really listening to the delegates

Not sugar coating the feedback.

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