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12 Skills of Supremely Persuasive People

26 March 2018

How come some people have an uncanny ability to get you leaning toward their way of thinking?

Whether you’re convincing your boss to fund your project or your pre-schooler to put his shoes on, persuasion is a skill that’s instrumental to your success in life.

Persuasive people have an uncanny ability to get you leaning toward their way of thinking. What is their secret weapon?
The Answer? Likeability. They get you to like more than their ideas; they get you to like them.

Our latest blog shares with you the 12 Skills of Supremely Persuasive People

Click Here to download your FREE Copy

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How to Create a High Performance Team Culture

16 March 2018


What is it that separates world class companies from its competition?

How do some companies get the people stuff right and manage to create a high performing team of engaged colleagues working passionately together to pursue a shared vision whilst others struggle?

That’s the focus of this innovative workshop from PDG.

Join us for this powerful step by step guide designed to help identify what we can do take our teams to breakthrough levels, igniting a passion for achieving outstanding results.

Workshop agenda Click Here;

To reserve your places email or call 07958 728490

We hope that you will be able to join us at one of the dates.

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Free Workshop- 5 Essential Soft Skills Evety 'Techie' Needs

8 March 2018

For further details click here

To reserve your places email

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Top 6 Sins of Ineffective Managers

2 March 2018

In the last 28 years of teaching leadership, I've seen an awful lot of fads come and go. I've also seen a flood of leadership efforts that produced far less than the leaders hoped or expected. They wasted great amounts of time, money, and energy on activities that produced little more than frustration.

However, in those 28 years, I've also learned there are several leadership activities that almost NEVER work. If you're leading a company, a team, a committee, a department, a region, a volunteer group, or even your family, you would be well advised to AVOID the following.

Click here to see the video



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New for 2018 from PDG

5 January 2018

We are excited about 2018 as it sees the introduction of a number of
new one day development programmes added to our portfolio

They've been delivered in house for clients for many years and were now
making them available as an open course format for multiple
companies to join in.

Here’s what we have coming up the first half of 2018.


Assert Yourself, Build Confidence and Build
Your Personal Potential

A programme designed to unlock the potential in your star performers


How to Manage Multiple Demands on Your Time
and Build Resilience.

Proven tools and techniques to ensure you are getting maximum productivity in demanding times


Leadership Strategies for New Managers
An opportunity to take a look at what effective management and leadership is all about


Introduction to Project Management and Planning

The a-z of project management from setting up a project, constructing the plan and managing its successful delivery



Highly participate and maximum value
For all programme numbers will be kept to a maximum of 8 per event
ensuring maximum time for learning and interaction.


Programme dates

Priced to offer maximum value and discounted to encourage
both individuals & small teams to attend
£495+vat 1 place;  £445+vat/person 2-3 places;  £375+vat/person 4+ places
All programmes will be held at our popular venue Hope Park Business Centre, Top M606, Bradford, Leeds.


For further information or to reserve your places email or call 07958 728490

    Michael Barker
    Managing Director

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12 Habits That Set Ultra-Successful People Apart

4 August 2017

Success leaves clues. You don't have to go far to find out the common ingredients that contribute underpinning your likelihood of success in life and business.

Success comes down to emotional intelligence more than anything else. This article explains why.

Having studied numerous books and articles on effective strategies that ultra-successful people employ to reach their goals, what follows are 12 of the best.

Some of these might seem obvious, but the real challenge lies in recognizing when you need to use them and having the wherewithal to actually do so.

Click here to read what these habits are. 

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How to Delelop a Powerful LinkedIn Presence

5 July 2017

Our next How to develop a powerful LinkedIn presence is scheduled to run on Friday 11th August 9am-12.30pm.

It’s received some great feedback over the years it’s been running.

If you would like to develop your LinkedIn prowess and put together a profile that absolutely ‘rocks’ get yourself along on the 11th as my guest.

It’s FREE for clients and selected guests.

Details of the workshop;

Drop me a line to reserve your free place. (max 10 places available)

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The Right Way to Hold People Accountable

23 June 2017

A question asked by many managers today is: “How do I get my people to be more accountable for results?”

Accountability is not simply taking the blame when something goes wrong. It’s not a confession.

Accountability is about delivering on a commitment.

It’s responsibility to an outcome, not just a set of tasks. It’s taking initiative with thoughtful, strategic follow-through.

So what can we do to foster accountability in the people around us? We need to aim for clarity in five areas:

Click here to download 5 ways to hold your people accountable

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7 Great Questions You Need to Ask Your Team Every Month.

22 March 2017

Companies that want to achieve continuous growth need to create a culture of continuous feedback.


The whole team should be working together to help make the company better.


As smart as most leaders are, if they’re the only ones making decisions, the company won’t be nearly as successful as ones that actively encourage employees to submit feedback.


Employees that are on the front-lines have a much better perspective of what should be improved and why, so it’s vital that you create an environment for them to speak their mind.


The way to do this is by removing any fear that exists in your company culture.


Click here to read the full article.

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How To Get Your Team To Go The Extra Mile For You

16 March 2017

It’s one of the most common and frustrating questions for every manager: How do you motivate your team to go the extra mile.
When you consistently read research about how most employees hate their jobs, what can you do to stand out from the rest?

It’s a legitimate concern, and one that still needs a lot of work.
What you want to do is create an environment where employees are genuinely curious to learn more and grow. An environment where they seek out knowledge on their own and are actively working towards making your organization better.

This is obviously easier said than done,
In this blog we'll explore the reasons why employees get demotivated, the biggest myth about employee motivation, and share a few tips to help you motivate your employees.

Click here to find out 'How To Get Your Team To Go The Extra Mile for You'

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Free Workshop- 5 Essential Soft Skills Evety 'Techie' Needs
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12 Habits That Set Ultra-Successful People Apart
How to Delelop a Powerful LinkedIn Presence
The Right Way to Hold People Accountable
7 Great Questions You Need to Ask Your Team Every Month.
How To Get Your Team To Go The Extra Mile For You
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