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16 Leadership Competencies Guaranteed to Deliver Results

1 March 2019

Recent research has revealed one in three leaders has no outstanding strength.  That's frightening but maybe not surprising!

If you have one extraordinary strength you are in the 64th percentile of over 200,000 leaders. Competency delivers results.

Extraordinary leaders display and leverage at least one extraordinary strength.

John Zenger, author and CEO of Zenger/Folkman recently wrote about strength-based leadership. He explained that research based on over 200,000 360-degree assessments indicate that effective leaders possess one or more of 16 potent leadership competencies.

Great outcomes are connected to 16 leadership competencies that span five categories:

Click here to see what these 16 Leadership Competencies are.

Perhaps our first response to their research is I’m not as good as I imagined. Our second response should be how can I get better?

Effective leadership is more about the way others perceive you than the way you perceive yourself. With that in mind, what extraordinary strengths do your colleagues, co-workers, or direct reports think you have? How are you leveraging your competencies to deliver results?

Why not ask them? It could be some of the most valuable feedback you’ll get this year.


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