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How to Energize Your Organization with One-on-One Conversations

31 March 2016

You can’t lead and neglect people at the same time.

Busyness that distracts from people is deadly to organizational energy.

Don’t let paperwork and meetings prevent you from quarterly one-on-ones with your team. People aren’t the problem. How to maximize your time with them is.

Moving the ball down the field is your secondary concern; players are the first.

Successful one-on-ones:

  1. Create positive energy.
  2. Eliminate distractions. We all have tendencies to waste energy by getting off target.
  3. Demonstrate belief. You must believe in people to influence them in positive ways.
  4. Release passion.
  5. Focus talent. Good people may end up spread too thin.
  6. Strengthen respect. Don’t worry about people respecting you. Show respect to them.
  7. Move the ball down the field.

One-on-ones, when done well, energize organizations. Not because leaders are so wonderful, but because everyone wants to succeed and feel good about their role.

One-on-ones are opportunities to help others maximize their contribution.

This blog explainshow to deliver outstanding one-ones along with 20 great questions that will energize your next one-one feedback session.

Click here; to download the article.

Evaluate your leadership by how well you energize others.


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