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Assert Yourself, Build Confidence and Realise Your Personal Potential

Very often people arrive at a level of responsibility because of their ‘technical competence’ having followed a route of qualifications specific to the job.

The next stage of development in their role typically demands that they complement their technical skills with their ‘personal effectiveness’ as it’s their ‘soft skills’ and ability to connect, communicate and express their competence with confidence which will dictate their success going forward.

This programme is designed to give participants the tools and insight that will ideally compliment their technical abilities with their human engineering skills and personal confidence to express that competence to others.

Key objectives;

  • Understand the principles that build self confidence
  • Recognise how attitude underpins everything that contributes to our success- our attitude towards ourselves, towards others and towards our jobs
  • How to develop self belief, self confidence and self awareness and form a solid foundation from which to build our success
  • The behaviours of success- what makes successful people successful and how to make them a part of you
  • Communication- how to listen in order to get to really understand others and to know what truly makes them tick
  • How to influence- understand the mindset of influence and deal effectively with the different types of personalities that we encounter day to day
  • Develop our inter-personal skills- the behaviours that build trust, how to gain willing co-operation and the principles of building win-win outcomes
  • Build stronger business relationships- how to motivate and lead others more effectively
  • Expand Your Comfort Zone- develop more poise, self-belief and self-confidence, particularly under pressure and in new situations

Programme Duration:    One day, 9.00am-4.30pm

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone from team leader to senior manager or any individual who has a desire to develop their communication skills, understanding of different personality types, enhance their ability to influence and persuade others as well as develop greater self belief and gravitas.

Ideally suited for those that want to compliment their technical skills with the soft skills and confidence that are essential in achieving more of their potential and accelerating their career success.


Wizu Workspace
The Leeming Building, Ludgate Hill, Leeds LS2 7HZ

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