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Communicating for Success



Founded in Doncaster in 1926, PDM Group operates in over 23 sites across the UK in a wide range of sectors associated with the food chain.   Part of Saria Bio industries, the Group’s companies manufacture quality products for use in human and animal foodstuffs, agriculture, aquaculture, and industrial applications.  PDM also produces bio-fuels and renewable energy and provides services for farming and the food industry.

The company is owned by SARIA Bio-Industries and members of the founder's.  In early 2013 PDM partnered with Performance development Group to develop their Senior Directors in preparation for a successful Management conference hosted in the UK for their PDM Managers and their German Partners of the Saria Group. 

It was really important that PDM not only delivered “a presentation to inform” but more importantly that they delivered in a consistent style that represented a unity in the Culture of the senior team and the organisation, a relaxed, approachable & engaging energy and most importantly sell ideas, get buy in and motivate.  Key underpinning outcomes for a successful development programme were the following;

  • Bridge the skill gap and calm any nervous jitters to instill confidence in their listeners.
  • With potential language gaps, to deliver their message in a way that was simple and understood yet sit till engaged, informed and entertained their German partners and the managers across PDM group
  • To engage their managers across the PDM group and share key information and knowledge for key mangers to take back to their teams. 
  • To re-energise their managers and help them to see themselves as part of the bigger picture within PDM and Saria Group
  • Continue to sustain the confidence with PDM people and ensure they buy in to the positive changes that have taken place for continued growth
  • For their people to recognize the Senior Leadership Team not as “men in suits at the ivory tower” but visible, approachable leaders down to earth leaders. 
  • To lead by example through their communication, the key behaviours & attitudes they want to see in their people


Prior to designing a development programme, the PDG team facilitated a 1-2-1 with each member of the Senior Team to understand key skill gaps and opportunities for development on an individual level.  During the 1-2-1’s, goals and outcomes were also set in which the PDG trainers could support them to achieve and also to ensure that the development is delivered on their agenda and that of the PDM Group. This part of the process also supported in getting each of the Directors bought in to the overall purpose and value of the development.

Following the initial diagnostic, a two day programme was designed to fit the needs and outcomes for each of the delegates to ensure they delivered on the overall outcomes for the PDM conference.  During the programme individuals not only leaned how to structure their presentations and sell ideas, but also focused on the style of their delivery and fine-tuned what they can uniquely bring to their communication in a way that engages their listeners. Along with tools and techniques, the team developed their skills in being congruent not only in what they say, but how they say it and how they look when saying it.  Several opportunities were designed for each delegate to present along with video coaching, private coaching and on their feet real time coaching and support.

What people said about the results

“A very well structured and challenging format.  The combination of tuition and practical exercises gives a good opportunity to gain new skills and to put them into practice.  A very challenging and demanding programme but one that delivers genuine benefits and clear improvement in skills”    Philip Simpson – Commercial Director

“Highly beneficial- I was terrified of public speaking, now I am looking forward to the next time on my feet” Jonathan Braide – Group Finance Director

“Extremely painful but hugely beneficial……Excellent” Keith Jennison – HR & Transport Director

“Good content.  Took you on massive journey in a structured and enjoyable way.  Tremendous feel good factor after completion” - Paul Anthony- Operations Director

“Great help in gaining confidence for the team” Andy Smith – CEO



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