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E-Learning Academy

What is the Performance Development Group Leadership Academy?

The PDG Leadership Academy is a unique online training and development resource offering over 6000 pages of guided learning, a body of knowledge, a reference tool, personal feedback and a regular magazine all in one. Updated every month with new material, it aims to help everyone, particularly working managers, improve their management knowledge and leadership skills. 

What are the benefits?

Our Leadership Academy is available online to its users 24/7, 365 days a year. It is continually updated throughout the year. Its primary use it to encourage participants to continue and expand their learning, to follow interests that are triggered through their development programmes - and to return to the Academy to learn more, prompted by ongoing coaching via their line manager or PDG coach.

Once a company buys into "The PDG Leadership Academy", it gets all the material on a vast range of management topics with no further cost. Just about whatever topic interests a manager will be covered somewhere on the site.
Learning needs to happen over a length of time, not just packed into a few hours. We add new content monthly so that people are motivated to pop-in to see what is new.

The PDG Leadership Academy has sought to keep away from traditional e-learning.

Our work is built upon the insights of Professor David A Kolb and his Learning Styles analysis. We do not have serial chunks of learning that everyone is expected to work through. WE strive to capture the interest and to motivate a larger range of people - those who like to experiment, those who like to work fast, those who want to ponder upon an issue or theory, as well as those who like to follow a guided pathway. The Advanced Learning Environment appeals to convergent as well as divergent thinkers. Those who are pragmatic about self improvement as well as active and reflective learners will all find engaging learning. Even theorists for whom learning in this way is always tricky, appreciate the involvement offered by the site. Over 80% of organisations now encourage learners to take more responsibility for their own learning and development according to the CIPD. However, this can only be effective if organisations introduce initiatives to encourage a learning culture. The PDG Leadership Academy offers your business and its employee’s access to one of the worlds leading development resources at the click of a button.

Corporate users of bepoke Leadership Academies

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" The online Leadership Academy was our way of doing something very different, because we traditionally offered a high volume of classroom courses. We wanted people in our change programme to recognise that things are changing at Sainsbury’s. People are telling us that they’re stunned by the site. They’re finding the content challenging, spiky and useful and they’re saying that it’s a much simpler way of learning something new than buying a book. The level of engagement is very high and it’s great to see people so energized about something new. " 
Andrew Bull, Learning & Development Manager, Sainsbury’s.
" There is now a shared understanding of what “good” looks like, in terms of the behaviours that reflect the values that Atos wants to promote; more consistency, and a better understanding of how to achieve the business goals. There is also recognition that at the heart of all learning there is an individual effort and responsibility which will lead to greater career opportunities and personal growth. Consequently, managers are taking more responsibility for their own learning and actively visiting the online management forum for further learning. " 
Marie-Pierre Gouaux, Head of Learning & Development, Atos Origin.


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