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How to Get Productivity Flowing in Everyone

One thing’s for certain: CHANGE isn’t just affecting those around you…it’s affecting YOU too!

How do you get a team to work in perfect harmony? What impact would a team that anticipated, understood and backed each other up have on productivity, job satisfaction and ultimately: the bottom line?

Most of us know we’re capable of more. The same goes for many of those around us.

Yet, not all businesses really know how to bring out the best out in their people.

...Well, it’s actually very simple.

Everyone is unique. Unlocking the flow of our strengths and talent is critical to and can rapidly increase the value we bring to our organisation.

This one day interactive workshop will reveal your’s and your team’s individual personality profile which pinpoints each person’s natural flow and ’path of least resistance’. Globally recognised as one of the most trusted profiling tests in business today, your profile will unlock you and your team’s personality, strengths, performance, values and behaviour and help your productivity soar...

...and sail your organisation through this turbulent tide of uncertainty and change.

“This Interactive Productivity Programme is essential for Leaders & Employees facing restructuring, reorganising, repositioning or redeployment”

In this programme you will:

  • Receive your own personal Talent Dynamics® personality profile report and coaching to identify how your productivity  can be driven up (worth £150)
  • Find out how to get higher productivity with less team
  • Know what it takes to build a productive and engaged workforce
  • Learn techniques  to positively manage how you and others respond to CHANGE
  • Discover how you and your team can stay productive despite austerity
  • Understand why people respond differently to the same circumstances and see how best to respond to them
  • Learn how to steer your role to do more of what you’re naturally good at
  • Feel comfortable letting go and trusting others without micromanaging
  • Learn a combination of psychological theories of personality to help you respond effectively to resistant team members
  • Gain a clear pathway tailored to your personal and organisational success    

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to Maximise their potential, performance power, personal productivity and improve the bottom line.  

Workshop duration: one day 9.00am - 4.15pm         








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