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Resilience- A Practical and Systematic Approach

In today’s increasingly demanding and challenging business world it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel as if you are sinking.

At some point everyone experiences varying degrees of setback, some minor some major! How we deal with the problem can play a major part in the ultimate outcome and our ultimate psychological well being.

Resilient people are able to utilise their skills and strengths and know what it takes to recover and maintain control. They find a way to pick themselves up, keep going with a strong belief that despite what’s thrown at them they know how to cope.

This innovative and new workshop will give you a set of practical and systematic tools enabling you to ‘bounce back’ and be better prepared for whatever is thrown at you.

Key Objectives:

  • Understanding what resilience is and how to maximise it within you. How to coach resilience in others.
  • Understand the principles of wellbeing and reduce your risk of burnout.
  • Know how to control your emotions and thinking in just about any situation.
  • Recognise the difference between pressure and stress and how to turn it to your advantage.
  • Practical proven tools to help you stay productive under extreme pressure.
  • Recognise the 5 key sources of resilience. Tip the work life balance back in your favour.
  • Understand and develop a variety of proven coping mechanisms that put you in control of any situation. Be a player not a victim.
  • Learn how to stop worrying and enjoy life. Learn how to unwind and relax.
  • Understand the crucial part attitude plays in success. What it is how it controls so much of our achievements? How to control what you think!
  • Understanding the impact that stress has on your health and wellbeing and how to control it.

Programme Duration: One full day, 9.00am-4.15pm

Who should attend?

Anyone who is literally on the front line of stress and pressure. Managers, supervisors and staff alike who are at the sharp end, need to deliver results, want to gain control of their work life balance, reduce stress, find ways of coping and find some practical tools that will work for themselves and can be shared with their teams.




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