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How to avoid the 10 most Common Leadership Blind Spots

26 February 2019

Blind Spots.

In cars, we have blind spots where we can’t see what is going on right around us. The larger those blind spots are, the more dangerous we are.

We can have blind spots in our life as well – things and behaviours that we do that we don’t understand or appreciate the impact that they have on others and in ourselves. In her book, Fearless Leadership, Loretta Malandro, PhD., identifies 10 behavioural blind spots that can derail leaders.

Click here to find out what these 10 blind spots are and how you can spot them:

Understanding is the first step. Identifying our own blind spots is the harder part. One way you can do this is to ask a few trusted confidants to work closely with us and point out where they see our blind spots.

This is a hard exercise but one that is very beneficial. We don’t like to hear about our faults. Others don’t like to point them out. But if we are open to growing and learning, then by identifying our own weaknesses, we can start the process of improvement and become more effective leaders.



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