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What are the 10 Traits of Lousy Leaders?

18 March 2019

I’m sure many of us have been exposed to lousy leaders in our working lifetime.

Sometimes all that matters to lousy leaders are the numbers. The people who work for them usually pay the price for achieving those numbers.

Just think about the damage poor leaders wreak on others.

You know what it’s all about? Attitude:

In politics, Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” In leadership it’s the attitude, stupid.

Lousy leadership begins with self-protective attitudes not lack of skills, intelligence, or talent.


Click here to find out what lousy leaders usually do:

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How to Build a High Performance Team Culture

7 December 2018

What is it that separates world class companies from its competition?

How do some companies get the people stuff right and manage to create a high performing team of engaged colleagues working passionately together to pursue a shared vision whilst others struggle?

That’s the focus of this innovative workshop from PDG.

Join us for this powerful step by step guide designed to help identify what we can do take our teams to breakthrough levels, igniting a passion for achieving outstanding results.

Workshop agenda Click Here;

To reserve your places email or call 07958 728490

We hope that you will be able to join us.

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12 Habits That Set Ultra-Successful People Apart

14 September 2018

Success leaves clues. You don't have to go far to find out the common ingredients that contribute underpinning your likelihood of success in life and business.

Success comes down to emotional intelligence more than anything else. This article explains why.

Having studied numerous books and articles on effective strategies that ultra-successful people employ to reach their goals, what follows are 12 of the best.

Some of these might seem obvious, but the real challenge lies in recognizing when you need to use them and having the wherewithal to actually do so.

Click here to read what these habits are. 

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New for 2018 from PDG

5 January 2018

We are excited about 2018 as it sees the introduction of a number of
new one day development programmes added to our portfolio

They've been delivered in house for clients for many years and were now
making them available as an open course format for multiple
companies to join in.

Here’s what we have coming up the first half of 2018.


Assert Yourself, Build Confidence and Build
Your Personal Potential

A programme designed to unlock the potential in your star performers


How to Manage Multiple Demands on Your Time
and Build Resilience.

Proven tools and techniques to ensure you are getting maximum productivity in demanding times


Leadership Strategies for New Managers
An opportunity to take a look at what effective management and leadership is all about


Introduction to Project Management and Planning

The a-z of project management from setting up a project, constructing the plan and managing its successful delivery



Highly participate and maximum value
For all programme numbers will be kept to a maximum of 8 per event
ensuring maximum time for learning and interaction.


Programme dates

Priced to offer maximum value and discounted to encourage
both individuals & small teams to attend
£495+vat 1 place;  £445+vat/person 2-3 places;  £375+vat/person 4+ places
All programmes will be held at our popular venue Hope Park Business Centre, Top M606, Bradford, Leeds.


For further information or to reserve your places email or call 07958 728490

    Michael Barker
    Managing Director

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10 Ways to Listen and Truly Understand Your Team

11 May 2015


Not listening is one reason employees disengage with their employers and indifference to input is one reason communication is often one way. 


Truly listening is an inconvenience to anyone who already knows all the answers


Leaders who don’t listen don’t understand their teams and don’t know it.

New ways of seeing depend on new questions.


Click here to discover 10 ways to really listen and get to know your teams.



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Creating a High Performance Team Culture

7 May 2015


What is it that separates world class companies from its competition?


How do some companies get the people stuff right and manage to create a high performing team of engaged colleagues working passionately together to pursue a shared vision whilst others struggle?

That’s the focus of this innovative workshop from PDG.

Join us for this powerful step by step guide designed to help identify what we can do take our teams to breakthrough levels, igniting a passion for achieving outstanding results.

Workshop agenda Click Here;

To reserve your places email or call 07958 728490

We hope that you will be able to join us at one of the dates.

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Exciting new funding stream available for SME's in the region

30 April 2015

We are delighted to let you know that Performance Development Group are now an registered provider with Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Skills Service.

What this means for you

This is brilliant news for SMEs in our region as it means if you work within the Leeds region 50% match funding is available for training and development provided that the eligibility criteria is met.

It doesn’t just cover Leeds . You’ll also be pleased to learn that the Leeds Region incorporates SMEs that are based in the whole of West Yorkshire, York, Harrogate, Craven, Selby and Barnsley .

More about the LEP

The LEP promotes the Leeds City Region’s interests on a national and international scale, helping business and enterprise to thrive by unlocking potential through partnership.

The LEP’s vision is to unlock the potential of the City Region, developing an economic powerhouse that will create jobs and prosperity. They aim to do this by being a relevant, essential and enabling partner to growing businesses within the City Region, and by opening the door to a new relationship with government.

The LEP also have a skills service which you can access, if eligible, for the match funding. This means if you have a budget to put towards training, you could also be eligible for funding of between £500 and £50,000.

Is your business eligible?

To be eligible for skills funding your business must:

• Be based in the Leeds City Region (which includes all of West Yorkshire, York, Harrogate, Craven, Selby and Barnsley.)

• Employ fewer than 250 people and have an annual turnover of less than £40million

• Be able to provide a contribution to the cost of training, as a minimum 50%

• Be in one of our priority sector, which are:

  • Creative and digital
  • Finance and Business
  • Medical Technology
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Low Carbon
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Transport and logistics

Eligible and want to access the funding?

1. Go to the LEP site, skills page

2. Complete the on-line form and answer some questions about you and your business, and the required skills development including:

a. What training is required and for how many people?

b. What will the added value be to your business by undertaking this training?

c. What are the objectives for undertaking the training?

3. You will then be asked ‘do you require further support in identifying a training provided’ –at this point you can select ‘No’ and enter Performance Development Group as your registered training provider.

Interested and would like to find out more?

You can find out more via LEP site. The site is packed full of information, go to the skills page for specific information about the funding for development which we are accredited to deliver for you. This covers all our open programmes such as Leadership and Personal Excellence, Powerful Business Presentations, and Management Development Programmes as well as Bespoke and Tailored Programmes.

This really is a fantastic opportunity for businesses in the region and we look forward to the potential of working with you with support from the scheme.

If you would like to know more about the scheme please email or call me on 07958 728490


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New programme from PDG: Resilience-a practical and systematic approach

11 November 2014

In today's increasingly demanding and challenging business world its easy to become overwhelmed and feel as if you are sinking.

At some point everyone experiences varying degrees of setback, some minor some major! How we deal with the problem can play a major part in the ultimate outcome and our ultimate psychological well being.

Resilient people are able to utilise their skills and strength's and know what it takes to recover and maintain control. They find a way to pick themselves up, keep going with a strong belief that despite what's thrown at them they know how to cope.

This innovative and new workshop will give you a set of practical and systematic tools enabling you to ‘bounce back’ and be better prepared for what's thrown at you.

For more details click here;

The programme will be held on Thursday 22nd January and Thursday 19th March.

To find out more or reserve your pace email or call 0113 2288808

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Making the most of your time

11 February 2014



How well do you manage your time? If you're like many people, your answer may not be completely positive!


Time is certainly one of our most precious resources as a manager and if we fail to manage it effectively it makes it so much harder to manage everything else.


Perhaps you feel overloaded, and you often have to work late to hit your deadlines. Or maybe your days seem to go from one crisis to another, and this is stressful and demoralising.


Many of us know that we could be managing our time more effectively; but it can be difficult to identify the mistakes that we're making, and to know how we could improve.


When we do manage our time well, however, we're exceptionally productive at work, and our stress levels drop. We can devote time to the interesting, high-reward projects that can make a real difference to a career. In short, we're happier.

Click here to download our new e-book Making the Most of Your Time

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By Geoff Roberts15 Apr 14   
I would like to get rid of the very idea of 'Time Management'.
We cannot manage time, just how we allocate our workload within the time available and there is an easy escape route when people can externalise the problem by calling it 'Time Management' rather than internalising it as 'Organising MYself Properly'.
I have as many hours available to me as Einstein, Newton etc - it is how I choose to spend them that makes the difference.




Got an idea worth £Millions and want to get investment?

20 June 2012

Got a great idea for a product or service?

How do you take it to the next level and get investment from all types of sectors?

Even better, how do you pitch and sell that product to some world's largest retail stores?

Our next Sharing Business Excellence Event will show you how.

We are delighted that Serial Award Winning Entrepreneur and Inventor, Tim Moor, Managing Director G+T Design will be our guest speaker.

Tim is an amazing individual having attracted over £4million of investment for his products.

You may recognise his innovative and award winning products in Asda, Boots, John Lewis and Mothercare.

Tim's workshop will share with you how you can;

  • Take an idea and develop it into a viable product.
  • The best way to get investment for your ideas.
  • Pitch and sell to some of the world's largest stores.
  • Get your ideas in front of key investors.

It's a couple of hours that could transform your business!

Join us at our next Sharing Business Excellence Event, How to take your product to market and attract big investment on Friday July 13th and you will find out how it's done. You really shouldn't miss it!

This New and Innovative Business Networking Event brought to you by Performance Development Group and the Centre of Excellence Bradford is designed to share with you practical ideas and proven strategies that have helped some of the UK's most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their personal and business success.

Please join us for what promises to be both inspirational and packed with practical ideas you can apply to your business tomorrow!

It’s also a great opportunity to network with some of the regions senior business leaders.

Click here for more details

Venue: The Centre Of Excellence Bradford. (top of the M606)

July 13th 2012, 8.30am-10.30am

Cost £25 inc vat. Breakfast is provided.

Special offer, pay for one place and bring a guest for FREE

Secure you place by emailing or call Ella Smith on 01274 900375

Places are limited reserve yours quickly.

Please forward this invitation to anyone you feel would like to know about this special event.

We hope you will be able to join us

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