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Leadership and Personal Excellence Programme, Lucy Young, Head of Fundraising and PR, Leeds Mencap

Blake Solly, Director of Licensing and Standards, Rugby Football League RFL

Powerful Business Presentations, Wayne Lugton, Associate Director of Finance, Sheffield PCT Provider Services

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"This leadership course has been the single most influential programme of self improvement I have ever had the good fortune to attend.” 
Richard Jackson, Operations Manager, 490 Ltd
“I took a lot away from this programme not only to use at work but at home also to help build, maintain and develop relationships with people around me. It is a fantastic, positive opportunity for anyone”. 
Caroleann Harrison, Customer Care Manager, HCK Group
“I would recommend this programme to anyone who thinks they know it all because they don’t until they have attended this one”. 
Adele Upton, Operations Manager, Damart Ltd
“I would recommend this programme as you learn a lot very quickly, meet great people and evolve into more effective leaders and individuals’’. 
Fiona Wieland, Project Manager, Finance Skills Development NHS
“I am inspired and motivated and now have an inner confidence to face all that challenges me. The course has made me feel valued and appreciated. " 
Hayley Collis, Corporate Fundraiser, Bradford Cancer Support
“I can’t believe the change in me, I now have focus and a renewed attitude towards my job. My future success is in my hands’’ 
Verity Willis, Architectural Technologist, Watson Batty Ltd.
''One of the best courses I've attended with the most profound results.'' 
Rachel Greenwood, Photography Manager, Fourninety
''This programme has had an amazing impact on my attitude and inspired me greatly.'' 
Oria Shivtiel, Architectural Technologist, Watson Batty
''I have been very lucky to have the best trainers in the business, Michael and Lena.
The way the programme is presented is excellent. You make us think and challenge us to raise our game which is very different to things I have experienced in the past. Keep it up, we need this kind of training to realise more of our potential.'' 
Kiran, Mattoru, Physiotherapist in Charge, Woodlands MS Respite Centre
''This course has really made me aware of what I already do well and has started me on with improving other aspects. It has also made me approach my goals with a renewed vigor. I would recommend this programme to anyone.'' 
Sarah Williams, Corporate Communications Executive, Bradford Bulls RL
''A superb lesson in life and how to get the best out of it.'' 
Scott Lonie, Chartered Architect, Watson Batty Ltd
''Inspiring and effective course that helped me to see in myself the leader I could be.'' 
Helen Walker, Manager Wellbeing Centre, Nuffield Health
''It's life changing and good fun, but at the same time a challenging experience!.'' 
Kelvin Lockett, Production Supervisor, Seabrook Crisps
''I personally gained confidence in converting enthisiasm back into the workplace. A very inspiring and life changing programme.'' 
Jamie George, Returns Department Manager, Damart UK Ltd
''This course changed my perception of who I am and has put me on the path to who I want to be. The skills and tools that I have learnt over the past 7 weeks has fundamentally taught me ways to improve myself, my team and way to conduct business in a more effective way. Further to this it has improved my personal relationships as well as the professional ones. This could only be achieved by the support and commitment from the trainers Michael and Lena, who I thank very much.
If anyone is considering doing this course, I would advise you to book it now. It is truly is inspirational and you will discover the potential you have, you just have to learn how to use it.'' 
Sarah Lamb, Quality Team Leader, Firmenich
'One of the best training courses I have ever been on.
Everybody at all levels in a company should attend this course.' 
Chris Ash, Senior Project Manager, Nuvia Ltd.
'This has been an outstanding course with excellent trainers and inspiring colleagues. Although my comfort zones have been pushed above and beyond at times, the new methods that it has opened up to me will pave my professional career indefinitely, whilst giving me the tools to free up more of my personal time. I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone wanting to become a successful leader.' 
Victoria Hattersley, Finance Manager, Calderdale NHS Trust
'This programme will bring out those leadership and personal skills that you did not know where within you. Excellent investment of your time and money. Do it now, improve yourself and your business.' 
Martin Hopkins, Assistant Director of Finance, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust
'The changes I've seen over the last 7 weeks have been phenominal. A really wothwhile experience which stands me in great stead going forward. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to push themselves the extra yard'. 
James Clarkson, Office Manager, Dawn Clarkson Associates
'With full commitment the benefits of this programme should not be under-estimated. This programme, my friends in the group and the trainers have had a massive impact on helping me achieve clear focus and belief in myelf to be an inspration and deliver success'. 
John Loughran, Finance Manager, Bradford Hospitals NHS
''Lena and Michael are not only great trainers they are absolutely focused on ensuring that the course delivers the results that you are striving for. Personally, having attended the Leadership and Personal Excellence course I believe I now have a leadership toolkit which will be indespensible for my future career and the course has helped re-ignite my motivation for self development.'' 
Philip Sharp, Managing Director, Great Lengths Hair
''I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to build their confidence and self belief. After 7 week completely out of my comfort zone, through the support of my peers on the programme and the excellent coaching of Michael and Lena, I've come out with a real sense of direction and a new self-belief in my own ability.'' 
Sam Mason, Senior Assistant Finance Manager, NHS Leeds
''this programme is challenging. You will love it, you will hate it, but the outcomes are most definately worth it.'' 
Renata Palmer, Finance Manager, NHS Leeds
'I can highly recommend this course for any manager who wants to improve effectiveness and only wish I had learnt about it sooner. It has made a very positive impact on both my professional and personal life and the manual will certainly not sit on the shelf and gather dust!' 
Rosemary Reynolds, Senior Finance Manager, Leeds NHS
“Do you have a little voice in your head saying “if only I could do that” if yes then this is the programme for you, but be prepared to stretch your comfort zone way further than you ever thought possible.”. 
Simon Lundy, Key Account Manager, 490 Ltd
'I found this programme to be truly inspirational as well as challenging. Lena and Michael are excellent trainers encouraging development in a supportive environment. Be sure to go with an open mind and be prepared for your comfort zones to be expanded!' 
Rebecca Leppard, Talent Development Manager,Blood and Transplant Service
'This has been the best course I have attended due to the quality of the trainers and how they include everyone in the programme to be accountable for their own actions. It has been fun and has really made me think about my own actions as a leader' 
Cheryl Graham, General Manager North, Royal Armouries Museum
“If you feel you know it all and think you are a good public speaker I would dare you to take this challenge” 
Kez Kresswell, National Account Manager, Arco Ltd.
“As a professional speaker interested in self development I attended the course with a small amount of skepticism. From the constant video feedback and coaching I have raised my game in terms of delivery, skill but most importantly ‘Belief’ ”. 
Deirdre Bounds, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.
“Seeing my progress over the 2 days from nervous beginnings to a powerful last message was a revelation”. 
Peter White, Managing Director, Watson Batty.

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